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The 4 key components of an effective onboarding process standard

So here’s the standard onboarding drill for most new starters: They are given the employee handbook, a few slides with lists of bullet points and a site plan. They then spend the next three to six months – (if they stay!) – gathering knowledge through observing co-workers, who themselves may have incomplete information. In general the results are not good – and the time and energy spent by everyone involved carries an obvious cost for the organization. In fact, the statistics are incredible – it has been estimated that as many as 1 in 3 people leave their organization within the first year, either voluntarily or involuntarily (Wynhurst Group 2007, SHRM Presentation) and that 22% of staff turnover happens within ...

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5 Ways to motivate employees to learn (without rewards) standard

1) Commitment and consistency In the mid-1960s, psychologists Jonathan Freedmand and Scott Fraser conducted an experiment that showed the power of consistency. They sent researchers canvassing door-to-door in a residential suburb of California, asking homeowners if they could put a giant billboard that read “DRIVE CAREFULLY” in their front lawn. 83% of the homeowners rejected their request. With a similar group, they took a different approach. At first contact with the homeowners, the researchers asked them to sign a petition that favored “keeping California beautiful.” Two weeks later, a different researcher asked them if they’d be willing to put the DRIVE CAREFULLY billboard in their front lawn. About half of these people agreed to the request despite the earlier request ...

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