Piata de e-learning in Romania standard

  Piata de e-learning din Romania este subdezvoltata, comparativ cu ceea ce se intampla in acest domeniu in alte state europene. Ca tendinte, Romania pare ca urmeaza modelul din Rusia, unde piata de e-learning a crescut pe baza investitiilor guvernamentale. In plus, sud europenii sunt de 4 mai putin dispusi decat cei din tarile nordice sa fie instruiti de angajatori.     Un studiu al companiei IBIS Capital Ltd arata ca, in anul 2013, existau, la nivel european, 3.000 de companii in domeniul e-learning. In Romania erau 76 de companii, comparativ cu 671 in Marea Britanie, 532 – Franta sau 303 in Polonia. In Franta, de exemplu, 1% din valoarea salariilor oricarei companii trebuie cheltuit pentru training si dezvoltare, altfel ...

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Can you learn how to make coffee via eLearning? standard

There are people who argue that some subjects or topics can’t be taught via eLearning. In the past, I’ve wondered the same thing. But then I witnessed the value of eLearning content, and it made me re-think what’s possible. Regardless of the topic, if you’re looking for a consistent way to teach employees, eLearning provides a powerful way to do just that. Consider the example of using an eLearning module to teach someone how to make coffee. People who frequent coffee shops will understand there are very specific ways to make the perfect coffee beverage – Quad Grande, Non Fat, Extra Hot Caramel Macchiato Upside Down, anyone? It’s impossible to learn every potential variation of a drink, but even for ...

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5 Ways eLearning Benefits Non-Profit Organizations standard

With the availability of the internet and many organizations relying on technology, it is not a surprise that eLearning is gaining popularity and momentum at an encouraging pace. Though some industries like Banking and Education sectors are clearly early adopters, it is evident that all organizations stand to benefit from technology-aided learning. This includes non-profit organizations of the Development sector, which have to grapple with continual training needs, varied audiences, time crunches, as well as budgetary constraints. eLearning helps employees connect and collaborate. Most non-profit organizations have employees in different offices, with field offices being mostly far-flung and remote. With a technology-aided platform, all employees can be engaged with one another on a continuous basis which helps them work, better ...

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4 Training Trends In 2015 That Can Be Applied To eLearning standard

  Below are 4 training trends in 2015 that can be applied to eLearning within the workforce. Gamification. Gamification is the integration of game principles and mechanics into a non-game experience. As such, it has been put into organizational courses or into organizational curriculum. When integrated well, and instilled with a purpose, gamification can be beneficial to the eLearning industry. It not only gives a sense of competition to increase engagement, but can help employees practice and put to use the modules they completed. In addition, it can help upper management gain a better understanding of how well employees are grasping the training and if they are utilizing the skills learned in the right manner. Mobile Learning. Within the last ...

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Knowing Does Not Make You Skilled standard

Identifying The Difference Between Knowledge And Skills  Knowledge is information acquired through sensory input: Reading, watching, listening, touching, etc. The concept of knowledge refers to familiarity with factual information and theoretical concepts. Knowledge can be transferred from one person to another or it can be self acquired through observation and study. Skills, however, refer to the ability to apply knowledge to specific situations. Skills are developed through practice, through a combination of sensory input and output. As an example, social skills are developed through interaction with people by observing, listening, and speaking with them. Trial and error is probably the best way to achieve skills mastery. To make it simple, knowledge is theoretical and skills are practical. You can know all ...

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