Smart eLearning Solutions

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Online learning platform
  • Get your own branded portal (company logo, colours, etc.)
  • Access your content anywhere, anytime
  • Track course completion and test results
  • Include instructor-led trainings in the individual calendars
  • Create separated groups for each department of your company
  • Communicate through forums and private messaging
  • Reward employees through gamification with points, badges, levels and a leaderboard

See how your learners are interacting with the content: get reports on the number of logins, courses completed and certifications obtained

See how much time learners spend on each module of a course and identify potential difficulties

Standard "off the shelf" courses
  • Courses created in partnership with training companies
  • All learning materials are ready to be used in your company
  • Topics: Excel, ISO certifications, sales, finance, communication, etc.
  • Pay only for what you need: price per learner
Customised courses
  • Tailor-made courses to meet the specific needs of your company
  • All materials are branded with your company logo, colours, pictures, etc.
  • Full and exclusive ownership of all course contents
  • Topics: Internal processes, machine / software simulation, customer service, etc.
  • Pay one flat fee and deploy the course to as many employees as you like
Onboarding (induction) programs
  • The fastest and most efficient way to get your new hires fully operational
  • Allows new employees to start the onboarding process even before their first day on the job
  • The programs are fully customised to include your company’s logo, colours, pictures, etc.
  • Topics: Company history, mission statement & values, working environment, products & services, etc.
  • Special discounted price for the whole package

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