Our eLearning solutions follow these principles:

  • Engaging
  • Interactive
  • Adaptive

Real life situations

Rich content


We put the learners in a real life context, where they will develop applied skills that are relevant to them. We use different formats such as images, audio, video and simulations. We make the experience both fun and challenging for each participant.

Learning by doing


Drag & drop

We believe that theory without practical application is useless and that trying to do something by yourself, failing a few times until you get it right, is the best way to learn! We create knowledge checks all along the way, to make sure each concept is acquired before moving on to a new one. We encourage learners to interact with the content, instead of staying passive. By clicking and moving things around on the screen, they get fully immersed in the course.

Individual learning path

Personal feedback

Smart analytics

Each learner is different and that’s why we use branching scenarios and learning paths, to create a different experience for each user, in which the content adapts itself to his/her needs. Each user gets immediate feedback, based on their errors and misconceptions. We create reports that let you know exactly how learners interact with the content and highlight the places where they might face some difficulties so you can adapt the lessons accordingly.


All of our courses can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Customized courses

Modules that can be tailor made to fit your company's needs. To view the demo courses, send us an email and we'll grant you access to our online learning portal

Company introduction

Working environment

Safety equipment

Product features

Standard courses

Our standard courses have been developed in partnership with experts and are ready to be used in your company. To see our full offer, go to our online shop.



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